Test und Review der 3D-Druck-Waffe vom Typ AR-15/M16

Printed Reinforced AR Lower Review

This is a review of HaveBlue’s Reinforced AR-15 Lower Receiver, available for download over at Thingiverse.

This Saturday we decided to test the popular printable lower to failure. All this talk about printable guns and gun parts, and for months, despite being the fitful ecstatics of wiki weaponeering, we’ve been unable to actually experience them.

The lower was printed in Object ABS-like material. It’s only available on Connex printers, but it is designed to simulate ABS thermoplastic. And after reading about how it could do things like this, we thought we might end up with something a little better than an FDM piece. The print was completed in under seven hours, and looked beautiful. Note the pale, spectral glow.
(…weiter auf defdist.tumblr.com)

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