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3D Printing Systems – Inspire 3D Printers
The Inspire® range of Rapid Prototyping 3D Printers from TierTime Technology Co. Ltd founded in 2003 are the largest producers of 3D Printers in the Chinese market. Backed by 10 years of R&D, the Inspire range of 3D Printers offers you affordable professional 3D Printers that can produce high quality and durable ABS 3D models for prototyping or end-use parts.

The Inspire® 3D Printers can run unattended, they require little maintenance and do not need hazardous chemicals to remove support material.
Smart Support Material – Snap off

The Inspire® range of 3D Printers can run in two modes.
Single nozzle mode, creates parts in higher resolution, both the part and support are printed in the same tough ABS plastic and support is break away.

Dual nozzle mode, creates the part in tough ABS and the support material in an easier to break away ABS plastic.
With four different models to choose from – 6 litres to nearly 24 litres of build volume, you can create some seriously large 3d printed parts.

(Quelle: YouTube / 3dprintingsystems)

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