Apr 10, 2013 - 3D-Druck News, Recycling

What’s So Green About 3D Printing?

You may have noticed that we’re fans of 3D printing projects around here. From tiny handheld printers like the 3Doodler to massive projects like the 3D printed house, we can’t get enough of this magical technology. But we’re called “EarthTechling” not just “Techling”. We’re supposed to be exploring technologies that are as good for our planet as they are mind-blowing. Does 3D printing make the cut?

On the surface, 3D printing, while very cool, seems like just another way humans can create more plastic stuff. But while it may be the stuff of geeks and designers now, this growing trend actually has some pretty big green implications. Join us after the jump as we explore just how world-changing this hobby can be, and why it’s likely to help reduce future waste, rather than create more.
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