3D Printed Iron Man Helmet

(Quelle: YouTube / Ryan Brooks)

The first virtually complete version of the Mark III Helmet from Iron Man has arrived!

This version incorporates my Servo Mechanism 2.0:

and my 3D Printed Iron Man Helmet:

The servo mechanism is triggered by an accelerometer that detects sudden movements forwards or backwards, creating a hands-free method of controlling the opening and closing of the faceplate.

The back sections of the helmet are designed to cascade up inside the helmet, making it much easier to place the users head inside.

The red paint was done in three layers: a base layer of Duplicolor Platinum, three layers of Metalcast Red, followed by three layers of Krylon Satin Clearcoat. The gold paint is a Krylon Gold followed by the satin clearcoat.

To see more of my work, check out my website: http://www.therealtonystark.com

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