Life’s Calling Made Right by the “Root Promise of 3D Printing”

As with the promise of the automobile allowing us to travel in comfort; the promise of the PC to help us simplify our increasingly complex lives; and the cell phone’s promise of connecting us to loved ones at a moments notice; there is the promise of 3D printing — ‘to allow anyone and everyone to create almost anything they imagine,’ or, in this case, desperately need.

Just over a year ago, I was involved in an accident that resulted in the loss of most of my thumb on my right hand. Our opposable thumbs are something we tend to take for granted, day to day, and only when we are faced with life without something so fundamental do we understand their true value and significance. The injury I sustained would be debilitating — and traumatic — for anyone. But for me, it was intensified, because I am a Sculptor — a creator of art, literally performed by every touch, movement, twist and applied pressure of my hands.
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