Next Gen all metal 3D printer extruder from Micron

One of the big hassles of 3D printing, is keeping having problems with your extruder. It happens quite often that the filament gets stuck and the extruder is not able to push the filament any more. That’s why Micron E.M.E Ltd has introduced an all-metal, „J style“ hot end, featuring a detachable filament guide and nozzle module „DFGNM“. All parts are made by a CNC machine. The all metal design allows printing over the wide range of plastic materials up to 300° celsius.
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revolutionary solution for the most common problem with 3D printers: material being stuck inside the filament guide or the nozzle

Unlike existing designs, the new mechanical design enables fast and easy replacement of the most critical and problematic components: the filament guide and the nozzle, without the need to disassemble the heating block.

Another important feature of the design is that replacing the filament guide and the nozzle module does not change the nozzle height so that it is not necessary to readjust the nozzle height. Thus such a maintenance operation is similar to replacing an ink cartridge on inkjet printer.
(Quelle: Youtube / Eran Gal-Or)

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