The Snap 3D Printer

First 3d printer that can be assembled without fasteners. Modular Design, Customizable, Large build volume, Stand Alone.

The Snap3D project:

We wanted to design the best 3D printer that will be fast to assemble and to print high quality parts.

(Quelle: Youtube / Technolog TV)

The assembling process doesn’t required technical background. That will open the door to many users still afraid to build their own printer or who don’t want to deal with complex design (cutting parts, electronics, soldering).

The printer’s frame is extremely strong and doesn’t required the use of fasteners thanks to our one year design innovation and the quality of the material. Indeed, from our first prototype in wood to our final product in plastic, the printer is just one of the best design and most appealing 3D printer with choice of the frame’s color.

One of our dream is to have the printer as a platform for innovations in 3D printing. This is why we’ve chosen the modular design. Advanced users, Makers, product designers will be able to customize their printer. One example is the Extruder’s platform that can be easily removed and replaced with a different Extruder for liquid printing or dispensing (printing chocolate, sugar or food). The print bed is also modular for this purpose. They will be able to add a second Extruder for experimental dual printing. Our electronics will support this option too.
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