Using Multi-Material 3D Printing in the Euromold Remote-Controlled Truck

Every now and then, when you leave engineers alone to brainstorm, they come up with some amazing ideas. But what’s best about these people is that along with these amazing ideas, they usually have a pretty good concept of how it can be executed.

Just a few weeks before Euromold, this exact process became a reality. Derek Johnson, our Director of Product Management, was looking for ways to demonstrate the multi-material 3D printing available in the new ProJet 5500X system being announced at Euromold. Nick Chwalek, Senior Sales Manager at Geomagic Solutions, happened by and they started talking about Nick’s hobby of tinkering with remote-controlled (RC) vehicles.

Suddenly it all started to click together. Using Nick’s expertise at scanning and 3D design, and Derek’s and Ryan Schneider’s expertise at 3D printing, the idea of 3D printed multi-material tires and wheels for an RC truck, plus a custom-printed body, became real.
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