Jan 7, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Scanner

3D Systems Unveils New iSense Consumer Scanner At CES

-Discover #HowScanagenicAreYou with iPad-compatible consumer 3D scanner
-3DS physical photography device that’s easy to use and easy on the wallet

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) previewed today its iSense™ 3D scanner, a new 3DS consumer scanner for iPad with seamless 3D printing optimization. The iSense is ideal for physical photography, empowering users to easily capture moments in every dimension. Created for 3DS by Occipital and powered by Structure Sensor technology, iSense can be used on anything and you don’t have to stand still or place an object into a box as required with other 3D scanners. Users simply attach the iSense to an iPad, and they can literally walk around and scan entire objects or environments obtaining a photorealistic copy of the real thing. iSense is powered by the same software as 3DS’ popular Sense scanner. The iSense will be on display for the first time at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10, 2014, in the 3DS booth 31424 LVCC South Hall.
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