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XFAB – 3D Printer

The first high-end 3D printer at a consumer price

Our patented technology can turn a much wider variety of materials into solid: acrylate resin, ABS, polypropylene, rigid opaque, transparent, rubber and ceramic.

Quick material change: intelligent cartridges,
no leakages, no need of handling liquids, no tray consumption costs.

Material Range:

Standard acrylate, amber
General purpose.

ABS-like, grey
High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings

ABS-like, white
High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings
Flexible, snap-fit, casings, components, lab equipment

Rigid opaque, grey
Prototypes, toys, high-detail models, marketing models

Clear prototypes, liquid flow visualization, light cases
Ceramic nano-filled, light blue
Static thermal resistance tests, high definition models

Rubber-like, black
Handles, gaskets, footwear, ergonomic tests, functional parts

Rubber-like, transparent
Functional parts, medical devices
(Quelle: dwslab.com)

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