3D Pioneer signs MoU with Mbot to develop 3D printer

3D Pioneer Systems, Inc, a marketer and developer of mobile games and software applications has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding („MOU“) with Hangzhou, China based Magic Firm, manufacturer of Mbot 3D printers to co-develop and initialize production of the company’s new 3D printer ‚Wyatt‘ and related accessory hardware.
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Most 3D Printers currently on the market require a high calibre of technical ability to operate well, making them inaccessible and frustrating for many. We imagine the near future of 3D printing to be as simple as clicking ‚print‘.

3D Pioneer Systems is developing a series of printers and software that simplifies the printing process. Our first model, „The Wyatt“ boasts a full colour LCD touch screen and an inbuilt camera and integrates with our new Appaloza Cloud Platform.

With Appaloza, you will no longer need to write files to SD cards and walk them to your printer, or leave your laptop tied to your printer until your print is complete. Never again will you need to reboot your computers into obscure maintenance modes to install unsigned drivers.

It is the Internet age, and we strongly believe that 3D printers should be web enabled and as easy to access as a web page.

The Wyatt offers an unrivalled ability to monitor progress and the power to intervene and control printing remotely, even from your phone. If your printer runs out of filament, the printer will automatically pause and it can send you an email to let you know. It can even email you a photo of your latest creation once a print is completed.

(Quelle: Youtube / 3D Pioneer Systems Inc.)

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