3D Printed Ping-Pong from 3DS Creative Director Janne Kyttanen

The year is 2100 and the Earth, long since made into a Venusian death trap by climate change, is abandoned. You coast the bleakness of outerspace in a minimalist intergalactic cruiser, looking for something habitable. In the meantime, having already read humanity’s great works of antiquity- Dave Barry’s Guide to the Toilet Vol. VIII, Golden Girls: A Novel, The Collective Works of Blue Ivy Carter, etc., etc. – and binge-watched everything on SkyNetFlix, you’re bored. So, you decide that you want to play some ping pong. Naturally, you turn to your 3D printer.

Hundreds of years ago – back in 2014 – 3D Systems’ Creative Director, Janne Kyattanen, created something perfect for your exoplanetary voyage. So, you mentally punch up the creative director’s exhibition, titled ‘janne kyttanen’ and displayed at Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam, in your retinal display, displayed in your retina. Kyattanen appears in your mind and gives you a guided tour of his 3D-printed products.
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