Online community offers 9-year-old girl a helping hand with 3D printing

When Shea, a little 9-year-old girl breaks a finger, all she has to do is 3D print a new one.

Shea was born with a palm, a two-digit thumb and no fingers on her right hand. Last year Shea saw a YouTube video about 3D printed hands and asked for one from Santa. Shea’s mom, Ranee Stollenwerk, started doing some research online. After Googling about 3D printed hands she came upon E-Nable, an online community of 3D printing hobbyists to create and improve affordable custom prosthetics for those in need.
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One of the most exciting things going on in 3D printing these days is what’s happening with 3D printed prosthetics. In particular, the e-Nable community, a group of 500 people and growing, is working to continually evolve the available options for low-cost 3D printed prosthetics. These talented folks from around the globe are creating designs that anyone can produce and assemble, wherever needed.

As a demonstration of that, here’s a video of me assembling one for the first time. I have no background in prosthetics or mechanical engineering, so if I can do this, anyone can. Of course, a prosthetist or other medical professional should always be involved when doing one of these for real, in order to ensure proper fit, check periodically for irritation, etc.

A big thanks to the great work of those who contributed to the Cyborg Beast prosthesis, including Jorge Zuniga, Frankie Flood, Ivan Owen, David Orgeman, and others in the e-Nable community.

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(Quelle: Youtube / 3D Universe)

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