Sierra Resins and 3D Printlife to Develop Bioplastic Filament for FFF 3D Printing

When considering a viable 3D printing related business, consensus is that “consumable” will be a key focus of a successful venture. That probably comes from looking at the 2D printing current business model, based on low cost printers and expensive (high margin) ink cartridges. So, when someone decides to enter the consumer/prosumer 3D printing sector with consumables in mind, one of the first things they are likely set their mind to is to figure out a way to develop a material that is both more affordable (perhaps by producing it directly) and more qualitative.
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Sierra Resins Inc. & 3D Printlife Venture from SierraResins on Vimeo.

The purpose of this 3D printing exercise was to assess the initial performance of the Sierra Resins biofilament..

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