Life-Sized 3D-Printed Portrait Raises Mortal to Godly Status

If you’re wealthy or important enough to have a sculpture made of your likeness, Cosmo Wenman is the ideal person for the job. He’s proven himself to be an expert in digitizing and rematerializing famous works of art, often in new ways, using 3D printing.
(…weiter auf My client asked for a life-sized 3D printed portrait of a colleague. Because the portrait was to be a surprise gift, there was no opportunity to scan the subject. The piece had to be modeled from photos of him culled from the web.

I proposed a bust, roughly from the shoulders up, with classical allusions, but I was vague about the details beyond that. I referenced the Artemision Bronze, Leighton’s An Athlete Wrestling with a Python and a few other sources.

I took a risk and bet that they’d like something other than a standard chairman-of-the-board type treatment. And what’s the point of having rock & roll hair if you aren’t going to do the whole heroic barbarian-warrior-champion-god thing when you have your life-size 3D printed portrait done?

This is the result.

This kind of remixing is just one small reason the world’s back catalog of public domain sculptural artwork should be digitized and published, freely, and without restriction. (More on that front soon…)
(Quelle: Youtube / CosmoWenman)

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