Meet Jimmy, Intel’s Open Source, 3D Printable Robot

By far the best speaker of Inside 3D Printing New York, for me at least, was Brian David Johnson, a futurist at Intel. As Johnson described it, his job at Intel is to, not just brainstorm ideas for technology that will exist ten to fifteen years down the line, but to actually create specs for those products. And, now, after about ten years of making the specs for one such piece of tech, the time has come for that product to manifest itself in reality. For that reason, Johnson announced, at Inside 3DP, the launch of the 21st Century Robot: Jimmy.
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Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson presents Jimmy, the robot. Jimmy was born in science fiction, but he’s open source, he’s 3D printable, and he’s made to interact with humans!
(Quelle: Youtube / MAKE)

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