Printoo Printed Electronics Make 3D Printed Projects Stay Afloat

Arduino-style microcontrollers have, in part, galvanized the Maker movement. With low-cost boards, it’s become easy for anyone with less than $100 and computer access to start creating their own programmable gadgets, inspiring a vast array of creative inventions, such as singing plants, EEG hacks and 3D printers themselves. The programming platform has become so successful as to encourage the growth of whole businesses and industries. One such business is that of Ynvisible, which has gone to Kickstarter to launch a series of light, affordable and flexible printed electronics modules to expand the potential of DIY projects.
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Printoo: Paper-Thin, Flexible Arduino™-Compatible modules!

Printoo is an Arduino-based platform of paper-thin, low-power boards and modules that gives makers new levels of creative flexibility

What is Printoo?
Printoo is a platform of paper-thin circuit boards and modules. It gives makers an open-source, lightweight, flexible, and modular Arduino-compatible platform to create just about anything you want! What makes Printoo amazingly unique is that it comes with a range of printed electronics modules previously unavailable to the public. These are electronics building „blocks“ of the future, only not so rigid.
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