Toshiba 3D Prints Kawasaki City as a Smart Community

Imagine this: Power plants spewing out clouds of smoke to produce steam, which drives turbines to send electricity along an aging set of power lines to cities off in the distance. Everyone’s coughing up illnesses that can’t be treated due to inadequate access to healthcare and they drive to work in their individually owned cars or poorly planned public transportation. Now, compare it to Toshiba’s Kawasaki City, a vision of clean energy and new smart power grids for the efficient distribution of electricity to cities. Illnesses are treated quickly and we live in equilibrium with our water supply. That’s the image that Toshiba wishes to project with its Smart City exhibit at Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki City.
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3D Printed Exhibit of Kawasaki City: A Smart City’s Future Landscape from TOSHIBA on Vimeo.

3D Printing of Kawasaki City: A Smart City’s Future Landscape” from TOSHIBA on Vimeo.

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