Not satisfied with 3D printing, Rodin Wheels turns to 3Drsr technology

Truing your mountain bike wheels is time consuming and tedious. The team at Rodin Wheels has set out to produce a set of Mountain Bike wheels that are ultra-durable, never need truing and virtually eliminate pinch flats.
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Ultra-Durable Aerospace Grade Composite Bike Wheels

Wheels with CNC Billet Machined Hubs that Virtually Eliminate Pinch Flats & Never Need Truing
Ultra-Durable with High-End Billet Hubs

Rodin Wheels are unique. Here’s why:

To stand up to the rigors of mountain biking, these wheels are made from aerospace-grade composites; which makes them tough enough to withstand a beating on even the most technical of trails. They also need to be light, which is where the 3Drsr technology comes in.
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