RSPrint, Creating 3D Printed Insoles Based on Dynamic Measurement Footscans – a Joint Venture of Materialise and RSscan International

Leuven, Belgium. May 14, 2014. Materialise is proud to announce the launch of a joint venture with RSscan International, an expert in gait analysis, called “RSPrint Powered by Materialise.” By combining Materialise’s expertise in 3D Printing and design automation with RSscan’s leading dynamic measurement footscan solutions, RSPrint will create the world’s first dynamic 3D printed insoles, customized to truly support the every move of an individual.

While RSPrint is not the first or the only company to offer 3D printed insoles, they are the first to use Footscan® hardware and software for dynamic pressure measurements for the design of insoles. These insoles take into account not only the shape of the patient’s foot, but also the pressure distribution while walking, running and more thanks to the indepth biomechanical analysis enabled by Footscan®. The result is a scientifically-based insole customized to support every move the wearer makes.
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