Mai 7, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

SyncFab and the Rise of Local Distributed Manufacturing

The Maker movement has rejuvenated a love of manufacturing in the United States. Coupled with 3D printing and low cost CNC milling and laser cutting, some hope that we’ll also see a reshoring of labour in the country as well. SyncFab, which just (in terms of time and money) successfully completed a round of funding on Kickstarter, is a case in point.
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3D Print or Specialty Fabricate Community Sourced Design

A student and user-friendly service to community-source your custom design and 3D print or specialty manufacture your concepts locally!
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This is a Visual Illustration of some of SyncFab’s student services described on our Kickstarter Campaign.
(Quelle: Youtube / Sync Fab)

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