2014 Miss America Parade to Feature First Ever 3D Printed Shoes, Thanks to Maggie Bridges and Georgia Tech

Growing up literally 10 minutes outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Miss America Pageant and Parade was a huge deal for the area. It was a tradition of sorts. Every September for the last 88 years representatives from each of the 53 states and territories gather together to compete in several competitions, which include the following categories: Lifestyle and Fitness(Swimsuit), Talent, Evening Wear, Private Interview, and the On-Stage Question. Fashion plays a huge role in determining who is crowned the next Miss America.
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Georgia Tech Students Engineer Shoes for Miss Georgia

A team of three Georgia Tech industrial design students created a very unique pair of shoes for Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges, to wear for the Miss America parade. Maggie is a senior at Tech, and the team of students wanted to make something instantly recognizable but true to Georgia Tech traditions. They designed and built a shoe inspired by the Ramblin‘ Wreck. Maren Sonne, Jordan Thomas, and Julia Brooks used 3D printing, laser cutting machines and heat molding techniques to create the awesome shoe. See more about how they came up with the final product.
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