3D Printed Reproduction of Memorial Statue of Fallen Navy Seal to Raise Money for Veterans

Navy Seal Chris Kyle, most widely known as the author of American Sniper, is the subject of a life-size sculpture. Kyle was killed, not while on one of his four tours of duty in Iraq, but rather by a fellow veteran whom he was trying to help deal with the issues presented by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The creation of the sculpture is part of an effort to raise money in his memory to help advance the cause that was dear to his heart: the health and well-being of America’s veterans.
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EMS Honoring an American Hero Navy Seal Chris Kyle

EMS, Inc (http://www.ems-usa.com/) recently donated their time and resources to 3D scan and 3D print a replica of Navy Seal Chris Kyle who was tragically killed helping other veterans. American Patriot sculpture Greg Marra sculpted the statue to not only honor Chris but to raise money to help US Veterans.
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