Sintratec: Affordable Home SLS Printer Coming Soon

Desktop Selective Laser Sintering, or SLS, is a highly sought after item in the 3d printing world. SLS printers print by layering fine powder, then selectively “sintering” or melting it with a laser. Since there is a solid “cake” of powder, no support materials are necessary. Typically these machines are extremely expensive and quite large. Sintratec is hoping to change that.
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Sintratec – update#1 – Chain Demo

Sintratec’s very first print with its 2nd generation prototype of a desktop SLS printer. Demonstrating the strength of laser sintered parts.
(Quelle: Youtube)

Sintratec – update#2 – Wrench Demo

This demo shows the capabilities of sintratec’s desktop laser printer to build moving parts in one print without having to use support structures.
(Quelle: Youtube)

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