3D Print a Parametric Peristaltic Pump in One Piece

The design is based on that ubiquitous Gear Bearing test print that you often see displayed at 3D printing shows, but a maker and blogger has converted it into a functional peristaltic pump that can be used for any sort of build where you need to precisely move liquid from one place to another automatically.
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3D Printed Peristaltic Pump

This is a simple peristaltic pump design that is 3D-printed in a single piece, with captive rollers and no rotary wearing surfaces. The only non-printed part, and assembly required, is to add a piece of surgical tubing. This sort of pump is ideal for dispensing known amounts of fluids, or where corrosion or contamination is a problem (e.g. medical applications), for slurries or viscous materials, or where significant elevation gains are required. You can see more information at http://tim.cexx.org/?p=1282
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