3D print your own Halloween costume? Check out this tutorial for a Daft Punk Helmet

The creative masterminds over at the electronic innovators Adafruit have revealed another very cool 3D printing project on their website. And as we’ve come to expect from that ambitious team, it consists of a very original printing plan, fancy and flashy electronics and a very accessible and helpful tutorial. Curious? Be sure to check out this immensely cool Daft Punk Helmet.
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3DPrinted Daft Punk Helmet

Build this massive wearable 3D printed LED helmet to your next party, halloween or cosplay event! you can easily to fit a strip of LEDs inside the helmet for making an epic LED costume. You can even customize the helmet in CAD software to fit your head!

Read the complete guide:

Download Available on Thingiverse

Edit 3D Model in 123D Design

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