3D Printing, Arduino, and Role-Playing Games Create Magic in SpellTag

A band of role-play gamers and makers have combined forces (for the good) to take fantasy role play to the next dimension. David Ultis, self-proclaimed “Captain, commander, and sage visionary” has brought together a team of like-minded, versatile, and variously skilled enthusiasts to create SpellTag.
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SpellTag: An Augmented Reality Role Playing Game
by David Ultis

SpellTag is laser tag LARPing with 3D-printed wands and software spells.

Think of laser tag, but for mages, sorcerors, witches, and wizards… think of being able to combine your magical weapon (wand, sword +1, sceptre, staff, you name it) and your health meter (amulet) into your own unique character, and gain experience, new magical skills, and exciting new additions to your gameplay each and every time you play!
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