3D printing restores full functionality of 7-year-old boy’s badly-healed arm after fall

7-year-old Joos fell on the playground at school and broke both bones in his left forearm in a playground accident in 2013. When the healing process was complete and the cast was removed, it was revealed that Joos had a crooked, improperly-healed arm for which the simplest movements had become impossible, not to mention to do some of his favourite things such as summersaults or handstands.
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A 3D Printed Breakthrough for Complex Children’s Fractures

A 3D Printed Breakthrough for Complex Children’s Fractures from Materialise NV on Vimeo.

Materialise, a pioneer in the medical applications of 3D Printing, has worked together with hand specialist Dr. Verstreken to give children with complex, improperly-healed forearm fractures a fresh chance for a carefree and active childhood. One of these children is 7-year-old Joos. Although he once avoided the use of his badly-healed arm, Joos can no longer tell which arm he had surgery on without looking for the scar.
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