3DMakerWorld Launches Artifex 2 3D Printer on Kickstarter

As with any new industry, you will find that at the start there are a lot of companies vying for market share, offering one or two key features to stand out from the other products they are competing against. Then once the market gets saturated with a variety of different options, a few companies will combine the best features and present a complete product.
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Artifex 2: Professional-Grade Consumer 3D Printer
by 3D Maker World

Professional-grade consumer 3D printer with integrated flexible material extrusion and dual-head extrusion capability.

– Flexible Material Extrusion
– Single- & Dual-Head Extrusion
– LCD Controller & SD Card Reader
– Large Build Volume: 952 (Single) / 640 (Dual) cubic inch
– High Layer Resolution: 50 micron
– Fast Print Speed: 150 mm/sec
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