Sep 24, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

An Interview with NVBots CEO AJ Perez: Bringing Automated, Cloud 3D Printing to Classrooms

In the numerous desktop 3D printers that have come to market, one has set itself apart from the rest in many ways. At first glance, the distinctions between the NVPrinter from Massachusetts-based NVBots and other machines may seem to lay in the hardware and software, as the NVPrinter offers some advanced features, such as a patent-pending robotic arm that removes prints upon completion and transfers them into a finished object bay. After speaking with the CEO of NVBots, AJ Perez, however, I’ve learned that some of the company’s most important distinctions lay in their approach to the 3D printing market, partially driven by the company’s surrounding environment at MIT.
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