Astroprint Takes off on KS & Rockets into World Maker Faire Stratosphere!

Daniel Arroyo has a quick mind. The CEO of San Diego based AstroPrint answered my questions quickly, concisely and without hesitation when we met at the World Maker Faire (WMF) in NYC last weekend. Having a tiger by the tail is no easy experience. He definitely understands the nature of the recent trajectory of his fledgling company. The friendly AstroPrint team showcased the company’s products in action using a Printrbot and a borrowed Delta printer from SeeMeCNC at the WMF this past Saturday and Sunday at the NYC Hall of Science in Verona, Queens.
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AstroBox setup walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the setup process of the first AstroBoxes delivered via our Kickstarter campaign!
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AstroPrint Remote 3D Printer Control

Check out how you can control your 3D Printer from anywhere in the world using AstroPrint.
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