Biome3D Hopes to Replace Oil-Based Materials for the 3D Printing Industry

As the industrialized nations of the world work to ween themselves off of fossil fuels, it will be important to find manufacturing materials that aren’t derived from oil. UK-based Biome Bioplastics is attempting to get an edge in this important market by creating sustainable polymers made from plants. And, in seeking to replace unsustainable plastics in the 3D printing industry, they’ve released, at the TCT Show this year, a biodegradable plastic filament called Biom3D, which they believe will adequately supplant other materials made from oil.
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Biome3D: The next generation of 3D printing filaments

One of the UK’s leading bioplastics developers, Biome Bioplastics, has launched a new material for the 3D printing industry. Made from plant starches, Biome3D is a biodegradable plastic that combines easy processing and fast print speeds with a superior print finish.
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