Botler, an affordable, large build size 3D printer can print more than trinkets

Botler is an affordable, large build size open source 3D printer launched on indiegogo on Sep 06. Botler boasts a print volume of 315 mm x 315 mm x 315 mm (12.4×12.4×12.4in), saving you the hassel to break up large objects into smaller pieces. In addition to the large print area, the Botler features a heated aluminum build platform that allows printing with ABS plastic without warping or lifting. The parts can be removed easily when printing is done. In addition the build plate locks into place without the commonly used binder clips.
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Botler® -The Affordable, High Resolution 3D Printer
by BOTLERlab

To bring 3D printing technology into everyone’s home by building a low cost high quality large build area 12.4×12.4×12.4.

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