Check Out the Kickstarter for the Portobello DLP 3D Printer

A new affordable resin 3D printer just launched on Kickstarter last week and while the crowdfunding campaign might be a little rough around the edges, the printer seems to have a decent set of specs.
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Portobello 3D DLP / STL printer
by Wouter Simons

A 3D printer that is easy to use, fast and clean using very high resolution STL technology. Turn on, load print job, and go!

When we started out, about 2 years ago, we wanted to build a very high resolution 3D printing system. We began with a different technology using inkjet print heads, but quickly decided that STL based printing was a much better candidate. Using a DLP projector and a few different prototypes we started to explore if it was possible to make a system that will be very easy to use, low maintenance and clean. Today we are saying we succeeded and are ready for the next step!
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