Chris Fenton’s 3D Printed Mechanical Computer

„If only this process were somehow billions of times slower, less reliable, and involved lots of physical labor.“

It’s not the sort of question many people are likely to ask in this modern world, but it’s a question with a decidedly contrarian and, dare we say it, Luddite appeal.
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The Turbo Entabulator – a 3D-printed, mechanical computer

This is a (nearly entirely) 3D-printed, entirely mechanical computer. The machine has three single-digit, base-10 registers for memory, and is running a 4-instruction program that computes the fibonacci sequence. In the video, it starts out with the registers reading ‚1, 1, 0‘, and computes the fibonacci sequence up to ‚8‘ before overflowing. For higher resolution photos and a write-up, see:
(Quelle: Youtube)

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