City X – Win a 3D Printer for Your School and Design a Better City for Aliens

If I could have your attention, please, for an important announcement:

“Hello, citizens of earth. Our journey from the planet couldn’t have gone any better. Though we had a few minor problems, we successfully landed on our new home world as of late last week. We are turning to the people of earth to help us design our first city, City X. Our citizens have begun identifying their problems and we shall make their translations available to all citizens of earth…our future and the future of mankind is in your hands.”
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City X Project Toolkit

City X Project Toolkit from IDEAco on Vimeo.

Our toolkit is a Common Core-aligned, downloadable resource, with everything a teacher needs to run the City X Project in their own classroom. It’s completely free for teachers.

The City X Project is an educational workshop for 8-12 year-old students that teaches creative problem solving using 3D printing technologies and the design process, all in the context of a fictional story about humans settling a new planet.

The City X Project is an initiative of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit IDEAco, The Coalition for Innovation, Education, & Action.

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