Electric BubbleGum Launches on Kickstarter – 21 mph Electric Skateboard with 3D Printed Replacement Parts

Although we may not quite be at a point where Back to the Future had envisioned we would be by now, technology certainly has progressed substantially since 1985. For every hoverboard that we are lacking in 2014, we make up for with other technologies. Marty McFly certainly didn’t run into any handheld devices capable of accessing a substantial portion of all the knowledge known to man (smartphones), or any 3D printers when he visited the future, did he?
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Electric Bubblegum: The low-cost tiny electric skateboard
by Andrew James

The Electric Bubble Gum Board weighs 12.1 lbs can go 21 mph with a range of approximately 10 miles, for $550.

Our goal was to create a low-cost no compromise electric skateboard using printed parts of our own design that is capable of 20 mph for 10 miles and weighs in under 15 lbs.
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