GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount and Robo3D Printer

This shows the GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount being created with a Robo3D Printer! We used this high quality personalized printer to create some of our best designs before taking them to full production.
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Go Surf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount
by steve ramsthaler

GoSurf Accessories introducing the Mouthpiece Mount. The Multi-functioning mount for anything action sports! Best barrel angles ever!

GoSurf Accessories wants you to Go Surf and get pitted! We offer the best customizable GoPro mount for surfing, skateboarding, wake boarding, body boarding, kayaking, skim boarding, SUP or anything that involves filming hands free! With the GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount you can get those pitted barrel shots just like the pros!
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