MiniU – Customized 3D Printed, Hand-painted Bobbleheads Now Available on Kickstarter – Here’s Mine

When I was younger, I always enjoyed heading to the ballpark with my father, in order to watch my Philadelphia Phillies play ball. Once in a while they would hold special giveaways where they would provide bobblehead dolls of their top players to the first 10,000 fans in attendance. I remember how incredibly enthralled I was by the exquisite details on the players faces. The bobblehead dolls looked pretty darned close to the real players. I always wondered how these were created, and wish that I too could have had my very own bobblehead of myself.
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MiniU – A 3D-printed, hand-painted, unique Mini-You!
by LOOXIS photo gifts

With 3 photos of your face, we will 3d-print and handpaint a perfect copy of your head and attach it to a figurine of your choice.

The MiniU are cute and funny gadgets, that also make a great personalised gift. They are 8 inch (20cm) tall figurines that look just like you or your loved ones.
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