New SOLIDWORKS 2015 features direct 3D printing

It’s that time of year again. Each year SOLIDWORKS releases a new version of its flagship product. Last week, SOLIDWORKS 2015 is released. More correctly SOLIDWORKS 2015 is out of Beta and Pre-Release 1 is now available. In addition to many exciting enhancements in this release, the new version brings in a brand new feature: 3D printing.
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SOLIDWORKS 2015 and 3D printing a winning combination

In the fall SOLIDWORKS 2015 will be available and the new version will bring in a brand new feature: 3D printing. By taking advantage of the new Windows 8.1 3D driver SOLIDWORKS will make it easy to print 3D models. Just design it in SOLIDWORKS and press „3D print“, make a few selections and you’re printing. In this video SOLIDWORKS CEO Bertrand Sicot tells about the new option.
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