Now Anyone Can 3D Print the Local Motors Strati Car From Home

A couple weeks ago Local Motors made history by 3D printing the very first car within a 44 hour window, at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). In doing so, the company was the recipient, naturally, of a ton of publicity.
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3D Print Your Own Miniature Strati

Local Motors 3D-printed Strati has taken the world by storm since it rolled off the showroom floor of IMTS in Chicago this month, and we have now released the file to print an incredibly accurate 1:10 scale model of the groundbreaking Strati – the world first 3D-printed vehicle. This downloadable file is the same that was used to print the full scale Strati at the IMTS show in Chicago in 2014, and it’s now yours to print on your very own 3D printer. No strings attached. The 1:10 scale file includes all the parts you need to build your own replica Strati, including wheels, steering shaft, suspension components, and even the pedal box. We’ve also included some detail images below to help you during the assembly process.

Print your Strati:

After you’ve printed your Strati, please share a photo with us!
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