OmniMaker, Modular FDM/SLA 3D Printer, Milling Machine and Scanner Launches on Kickstarter

It’s funny, every month there seems to be a new trend which emerges around the new 3D printers coming to market. As you know, Kickstarter has been a hotbed for the 3D printing space. Some days two or three new 3D printer manufacturers launch their product on the crowdfunding platform, many of which just blend into a landscape of the dozens of 3D printers which are near copies of past machines that we have seen, while others innovate and actually provide something new, of value, to the quickly expanding market.
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OmniMaker – Modular Rapid Prototype Machines
by OmniMaker

With the introduction of modularity, OmniMaker solves the problem of obsolescence and lack of versatility in rapid prototyping machines
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