ORD Solutions launches fully assembled RoVa-Paste/Food 3D printer for under $1000CAD

Cambridge, Ontario based Canadian company ORD Solutions launched their RoVa3D, the first 5 material/color liquid cooled 3D printer in June this year and successfully raised more than CAD$132,000 on Kickstarter. With the Kickstarter money the company is able to continue their R&D work to push technology further faster.
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The 1st Fully Assembled Paste/Food 3D Printer under $1000CAD
by ORD Solutions

We’ve taken the ROCK SOLID RoVa3D printing platform and combined it with a Paste Extruder starting at only $899 CAD!!
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The 1st Fully assembled Paste/Food 3D Printer under $1000CAD – Tech Update

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