Skylander Toys are Prototyped with 3D Printing — Watch How

YouTuber SkylanderDad from his TheSkylanderBoyandGirl video channel took a trip to the Toys For Bob design studio where the prototypes for their toy and videogame hybrid are created. Sky Dad spoke with one of the games designers about the rapid prototyping process and demonstrated how to clean a 3D print from an Objet Eden260V.
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Making Skylanders Trap Team Toys: Timelapse 3D Printing & Quick Overview

Sky Dad talks with I-Wei Huang from Toys For Bob (creators of Skylanders) and is shown how they 3D print Skylanders!

After a character is created on paper, it has to be designed on the computer via a 3D graphics program. But at that point, you still need to see what it’s going to look like in person, that’s when the 3D printing becomes involved. In this video you’ll see a short 2.5 hour timelapse of a 3D printer, printing out Food Fight, the Life Skylander from Skylanders Trap Team. After the toy look is approved at Toys for Bob/Activision, it will then be colored digitally (which is not shown in this video). After coloring of the 3D printed toy version, it’s off to the factory for mass production!
We hope you enjoy this inside look at how Toys for Bob prints their Skylanders Toys! Thumbs up if you wish you could print your own toys! 🙂
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