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The Nectarians Are Coming & They Want You to Join their 3D Printing Vision

A new, open source 3D printer has just been introduced, and before you take a deep breath and exhale slowly and click on, this one is a little different to the many other 3D printer launches from start-ups in the last couple of years.
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Introducing: Nectar 3D

Introducing: Nectar 3D from Studio Hands on Vimeo.

Nectar is a Dutch startup aiming to revolutionise 3D printing in the fields of usability, versatility and safety.
The long-term vision is to improve people’s opportunities to innovate. At Nectar they believe that with the right technology and mindset there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved. Envisioning a world-wide-web of ‘Nectar Hives’ for the future; inspiring places where talented engineers, designers and thinkers come together to join forces. A place where they can feel free to meet, move, play, experiment and innovate.

We were commissioned to design the identity and animation for Nectar 3d printers. Since Nectar is a new brand that wants to promote a new product, we first focused on the long-term vision by producing this animation.
(Quelle: Vimeo)

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