Take to the Skies With Your 3D Printed Virtual Reality Pocket Coptor, ELF Quad

It’s time to relax after work, play a little—and get off your feet—virtually! Take to the skies with 3D-printed ELF Quad, a small but swift pocket drone which features augmented and virtual reality. You can fly this little coptor inside or out, and it’s fun for all ages and levels of expertise.
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ELF quad is the ever low-cost open source quadcopter providing AR plus VR experience. Upholding the spirit of open source, we will share all the hardware, software, app and the codes, enabling anyone to learn and enjoy AR/VR technology while piloting his own copter. open source quadcopter, 3D printed shell, ever lowest cost, Augmented Reality, virtual reality, wifi camera, smartphone control, 3D FPV flight
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