3D Printed Components Make Raman Spectroscopy More Widely Available

Hackers, designers, and engineers have a positive outlet in the Hackaday Prize Competition, a hardware design competition acknowledging the benefits of free and open sharing of intuitive and useful technology. 2014 saw some very tough competition, and one Hackaday award in particular stands out for 3D printing enthusiasts. The ramanPi is a Raman spectrometer project winning Fifth Prize in the competition, and it is notable for its use of 3D printing in its components. What exactly is a spectrometer and how is 3D printing involved here?
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DIY 3D Printable RaspberryPi Raman Spectrometer

ramanPi – An open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer using a RaspberryPi and easy to find off the shelf components..
(Quelle und weitere Infos: Youtube)

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