3D Printing is Cool — But 3D Color Printing is Better with Parfait Printing and a New Kickstarter Twist

Is your 3D printer ready to taste test some Parfait? If so, Your Wild World invites you to join a small, limited group of 3D printing enthusiasts who will be involved in their unique new testing platform, as well as getting the chance to be a pioneer, joining the foray into 3D printing with color.
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Your Wild World Informational Kickstarter Video

Your wild World provides information regarding the details of their Kickstarter campaign in which they hope to find help making Parfait Printing a commonplace reality.
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Multi Color Desktop 3D Printing – Parfait Printing
by Your Wild World

Help us develop, and learn to design – the Parfait Printing technique – 3D print multicolor prints with single head extruders.

View the above video for more information, and to see what our technology can do!

We are here to bring multicolor 3D printing to all desktop printers in use today. We believe we have created the hardware and software to begin the groundwork of obtaining this goal. We need to find like-minded people to achieve fruition.

This Kickstarter is not made to launch a product. Instead we are looking for individuals that would like to learn how to design, as well as help us prototype, a method of 3D printing we’ve coined ‚Parfait Printing.‘
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