Euromold 2014 — A Round Up of Day 2

I had a full morning of scheduled appointments lined up for the second day of Euromold. Going against all my instincts, instincts that in a nutshell can be condensed to “just wing it,” I agreed to fixed times and places to meet with various top 3D printing execs who wanted to talk about their respective latest developments and news today. As it turned out, with the exception of Al Siblani, CEO of Envisiontec, who was bang on time first thing this morning, my instincts proved right. A flurry of apologetic texts, DMs and calls meant that I did, as ever, end up just winging it throughout the whole day. Experience has taught me that at any busy show, schedules never run according to plan as delays caused by prior meetings, general conversations and developing business tend to disrupt even the most rigid of schedules — even despite the best efforts of determined PR people pointing at their watches and giving 2 minute warnings, which invariably means at least 5 minutes more! And the day is generally the better for it.
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