It’s Time to Recycle that PlayStation Console Into a Wall Clock, Using 3D Printed Parts

It’s always depressing to hear that, according to the Electronic Take Back Coalition, around 70% of our used electronics end up in a trash can, and eventually a landfill. Why is this depressing? From there, hazardous chemicals leach out into groundwater and streams and dioxin is emitted from burning plastics. We hardly need more poisoned water or dioxin in our atmosphere now, do we?
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Playstation 1 | Wall Clock

Dust off the old Playstation 1 console and convert it into a vintage wall clock feature.
This is an instructional video on how to assemble your own. The printables can be found on
For the clock hands, simply search clock hands on Ebay and they can be purchased for around $2-3.
Use with or without the playstation controllers.
Enjoy and please let us know what you think.
Avooq Creations.
(Quelle: Youtube)

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